Are you always tired? Do you feel weak, exhausted? It can be Myasthenia gravis. Make a home test.


About the Myasthenia

Myasthenia gravis is long-term, acquired disease. It most commonly affects women under 20-35 and people from 60 to 75 years old of either sex. Its characteristic features are weakness and fatigability. Due to modern technology, you can test on your own, are you in the threatened group.

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What are myasthenia gravis symptoms?

Myasthenia gravis is a disease which leads to a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses from nerve endings to the muscles.

31% of patients

report positive bulbar signs - tiredness of bulbar muscles lead to stinging

28% of patients

report non-specific symptoms - like muscles fatigue, person can be exhausted due to extreme muscles fatigue

1% of patients

report symptoms from respiratory muscles - weak respiratory muscles lead to dyspnoea

It's easy

You need only a few steps to complete the test.

The test was created based on scientific research.

The study comprised 15 myasthenia patients and 15 healthy individuals (the control group). Based on data collected from an accelerometer a statistical analysis was conducted. The field of the ROC curve for the test, with the division of the sample into groups of healthy and diseased individuals, was 0.844, which can be considered accurate.



OMG it works

By accident, I had contact with the application. During a meeting with friends, a friend told me about his mother's illness and application. We've all done a test for fun. My result was incorrect. The next day I quickly went to the doctor and I find out that I had hypothyroidism

The family doctor said that he suspected myasthenia gravis and referred to a neurologist. Terrified, I could not sleep, waiting for a visit to a specialist. Thanks to my cousin who told me about the existence of such an application, I calmed down. I do not have myasthenia, which was confirmed by a neurologist.

I went to many doctors for several years. I did a lot of a laboratory tests, none of them indicated what I could be sick with. Thanks to the application, I found out what is wrong with me.

I suffered from unnatural fatigue. Most often after gym exercises. My doctor told me it was normal. Thanks to the application, I managed to find the cause of my problems.

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